Lemonade - The Place Where You Belong

chris on February 25 2013

So, on the way to lunch I passed the decapitated head of a pigeon with no body in sight. NY ammiright... Like the pigeon head, this guy is disgusting, but good disgusting, not vomitous disgusting.

TV on the Radio - DLZ

chris on September 07 2011

We will be dj'n at HighHorse tomorrow. It has been a while. A little birthday sesh for me.

White Denim - No Real Reason

chris on November 09 2011

I'm back from down South. Did you miss me?

Cults - High Road

Alex on October 10 2013

Well it's official - I have fat ass mentality. I had a dream last night I broke into someone's house and ate pizza. It wasn't a quick "hey, lets eat this slice" moment - I sat there for an hour in dream time eating slice after slice of pizza. There's no punchline here, folks -- just pizza.

Taken By Trees - My Boys

chris on October 21 2009

A little Animal Collective Cover by Victoria Bergsman.

Her Space Holiday - The Truth Hurts So This Should Be Painless

chris on October 27 2008

I have never been this tired in my entire life. I am sitting up at a desk and I still keep falling asleep. Born Ruffians and Plants and Animals tonight at Mercury Lounge. That is quite a duo.

The Roots Feat. Dice Raw - How I Got Over

alex mejias on June 21 2010

ok so per request ive switched around how things work, (nerd talk incoming) Firefox will always fall back on a flash based sound player and stream mp3s, the sound quality on mp3->.ogg files (firefox only supports .ogg sound files in html5) was utter shit, ive heard better sound quality from two cans tied together with a string. in other news: holy shit this album is rock solid bullet proof solid.

Lykke Li - I Know Places

alex on February 22 2011

Lykke Li just keeps getting hotter. Most certainly a more mature album and tone from our Swedish friend. In other news: fuck you winter for returning like the bitch you are, 21 degrees in New York = im not leaving the apt. today.

Local Natives Teen Daze Remix - World News

christopher on July 08 2010

Slow build up, then a great pay off. You see it's a metaphor for life... I'll shut up now.

Handsome Furs - Radio Kaliningrad

chris on May 18 2009

you me dancefloor now. shaking of all the legs.