Chromatics - I'm On Fire

chris on October 21 2014

So, Just a heads up, there will be slightly infrequent posting for a bit because Left As Rain 6.0 is in the works. A whole new platform. Get excited... Get scared... Well all react differently to change. I personally love change, unless it's change to Oreo cookies, and in that case you can fuck the fuck off! Also I hate when they change the cable channel numbers on you. WHERE IS ANIMAL PLANET!!!!

Cults - High Road

Alex on October 10 2013

Well it's official - I have fat ass mentality. I had a dream last night I broke into someone's house and ate pizza. It wasn't a quick "hey, lets eat this slice" moment - I sat there for an hour in dream time eating slice after slice of pizza. There's no punchline here, folks -- just pizza.

Monsters of Folk - Say Please

christopher on July 20 2009

This is like the Traveling Wilburys of the now. Conor Oberst, Jim James, M. Ward, and Mike Mogis.

Anders Ponders - Slowest Motion Miracle

Alex on December 08 2009

Way into Anders Ponders right now, lots of string and layers. I'm tired of working from home, who wants to hire a bad ass interactive designer full time?

Miike Snow - My Trigger

Alex on March 09 2016

This probably isn't the only place you'll hear this song in the coming months.

Swan Lake - All Fires

alex on January 27 2008

so, our daily hits have doubled over the past month, and thats pretty fucking sweet. You know what else is fucking sweet??? mother fucking Swan Lake, you know why? because they sound fucking sweet, this song gives me fucking goose bumps everytime, and whats cooler than a god damn swan? NOTHING. Unless youre seeing fucking unicorns in the wild you aint got shit on a majestic as shit swan swimming in that lake there. in other news: I will going to a secret Natalie Portman's Shaved Head show tonight, shhh dont tell anyone, its a secret!

Olympic Ayres - Magic

Alex on September 11 2013

I've been scavenging for good music lately with very little luck - finally struck gold on Sound Cloud after a solid two hours of searching. That's dedication, folks!

Darkside - Paper Trails

chris on October 30 2013

There is so much music that comes into the world everyday that I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed. I mean, I reached my maximum of peoples names that I can remember about 8 years ago. So... I'm pretty much fucked. I need an intern just for reminding me of songs I like. A braintern. Sorry brainterns, I can't offer college credit. Or money.

His Clancyness - Next Year Is Ours

christopher on June 22 2010

A Hissometer, that's what tells you how close you are to getting your ass bit by a snake. Also used to tell how close your tea is to being ready.

Laura Veirs - July Flame

christopher on January 11 2010

I pray, There will come a time when I think of you and I smile.