I'm From Barcelona - This Boy

chris on November 22 2011

This is super dooper upbeat. Borderline too upbeat. Side note, i'm not sure if you know this or not but Alex has a part time job in addition to his full time job. That would be post deleter. Gee thanks!

Howlin' Wolf - Shake For Me

alex on June 27 2012

I wish the weather was as cool as this song makes me feel. Today I discovered the cure for global warming is electric blues.

Heartsrevolution - Teenage Teardrops

Alex on December 29 2015

Well left as rainers... happy fucking holidays.

Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar

christopher on March 15 2010

I just got cable! First time in 10 years as a matter or fact. This is the theme for an HBO show that I will soon be tuning into with my new multi-purpse remote control.

Jenny Hval - That Battle is Over

chris on March 12 2015

At first I was like... No way Jose, get that Alanis Morissette bullshit outta my face. But then I was like, wait... Jagged Little Pill was kinda amazing. Then I was like, don't relate this artist to Alanis Morisette! She's her own strong independent woman, Chris! Get your closed minded misogynistic head out of your ass. I mean, it was International Women's Day the other day for Christ sake. You know what Jenny Hval... You go girl! Sacred Bones once again nails it.

The Radio Dept. - Freddie and the Trojan Horse

alex in pants on January 25 2011

This is somewhat along the same vein (sounds sexy!) as my last post... I was just putting on pants, in a rather unorthodox fashion, somehow I thought it would be smart to put both legs on halfway and work from there. A bright man would see himself in this situation and say, hey I can take one leg out then finish one of the already half put on legs and be in the clear. Not me, I look down and see my downstairs mix up as an opportunity, a little sign pops up in my brain that reads A CHALLENGER APPEARS. So I did my little hops and stomps until my pants were on.... 5 minutes later. A total success.

Cranes - Worlds

Alex on December 02 2008

Sounds a lot like lykke li, but it isnt, dont be so stupid. Cranes first album was released in 1986, I can tell you exactly what I was doing the year this album came out. I was a young tot in Virginia, only 3 years of age. I'm at a birthday party in Chuck E. Cheese's at a sub urban shopping center. We're all sitting in the big room with the creepy mechanicals playing music and singing. A pizza was put in front of my face, now i was no stranger to pizza at this point having grown up with 2 parents that worked 13 hour days, but this pizza was different. The pizza in question had small red circles on it, I was horrified, terrified, I may of infact shit my pants cause thats what three year olds do. I grabbed my nanny Yolanda and proclaimed there's some gnarly debris on my pie. She sat me down and explained to me the miracle that is pepperoni, she said its like bacon but different. I was game, it was then and there my life would never be the same. This is in the first chapter of my memoirs, check them out in a couple years when im done, it's gonna be a best seller.

Genesis - Misunderstanding

Alejandro on August 31 2009

damn phil, sounds like you got stood up. sure man, a misunderstanding.. keep telling yourself that.

Casket Girls - Sleepwalking

alex on November 25 2012

Apparently the 3 day food coma exists and is alive and well inside my body. In other news: Check out Casket Girls - hailing from where Chris and myself learned all about art, amphetamines, and ghettos - Savannah GA. It should also be noted Ryan Graveface from Black Moth Super Rainbow is a band member and well that’s just darn neat.

Sharon Van Etten - A Crime

chris on December 16 2010

Love. Powerful thing.