Speak - Peaks

alex on May 01 2013

Speak Peaks? Say that 10 times fast. You cannot.

Diarrhea Planet - Kids

chris on June 17 2014

I describe this song the same way Billy Bob describes his teachers stripping performance in Varsity Blues. I give it a, uh, TEYIN! A TEYIN! A FUCKIN TEYIN!

Voxtrot - The Start Of Something

chris on August 25 2009

So much to do and too little time and much too little motivation. I need an injection of creative drive syrum. Do you have a guy?

Vampire Weekend - Im Going Down

alex - SPRING BREAK! on March 18 2011

Well folks - thats it from me for about a week. Tomorrow I embark on a trip to Isla Mujeres on the lovely country of Mexico - or, as I like to call it, by its spanish name... Mexico. I shall return with new perspectives on life, a sun burn, half a liver, and most likely diarrhea. tldr: brb mexico.

PAWWS - Time to Say Goodbye

Alex on July 29 2013

PAWWS, can you please release a full length already? In other ground shattering news: My dogs have fleas and I must now go take care of this issue by burning my apartment to the ground.

Real Estate - Beach Comber

chris on September 23 2009

This is one of the most talented up and comers on the scene right now. Straight outta Jersey. Pretty sure they just have vinyl out right now, which you can score at Other Music if you are in the city. Full Length LP is on the way.


Alex on August 02 2015

After working 2 60 hour weeks in a row writing code all day I definitely DO NOT have function lust. I have the opposite of function lust, it's called I-just-want-to-go-outside lust. Excuse me while I return to my hole.

Kisses - Bermuda

christopher on March 09 2010

Came across this duo while i was checking out some sxsw lineups. Now excuse me while I go bask in the mid 50s sun.

Pickin On Series - Crawling (Linkin Park Cover)

alex on April 29 2010

Hey kiddies, were DJing this Saturday in Brooklyn at Duck Duck, the corner of Monstrose Ave and Graham Ave off the Montrose Ave L Train stop. Tunes start at 11, lets boogie.

Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah - Satan Said Dance

chris on March 03 2009

Yes dark lord, I think i will take this dance. Why thank you. Lucifer..., you sure can cut a rug.