The Chap - We Work in Bars

alex on July 06 2010

no description can do this track any justice so just crank that shit to 11 and rock out.

Vacationer - Summer End

alex on March 22 2012

Travel technicians Vacationer kill it. I have a hard time some days thinking of witty shit to write, I usually think of my best stuff while I'm riding on the subway and I'll jot down a note in my phone and come back to it later. The only problem with that is the notes I leave are like cryptic serial killer messages. Let's take a look back through some - "Old Boy" "Bathroom Light" "Fucked up fairy tales" "Question Mark" "Zombie Dad" - Zombie dad sounds like a Fox sitcom...


Alex on September 04 2013

The past three days I've had this constant "FUUUUUUUUUUUUU--" going on in my head. Next week I plan on drinking a ton of beer - like a 12 pack of bud light and maybe one of those fuzzy navel wine coolers just to really seal the deal with adult-onset diabetes.

Flake Music - Structo

chris on May 12 2015

Who cares that this is James Mercer pre Shins. The only thing that matters is that it sounds like 1997 in the form of musical waves. Just close your eyes and remember entering high school in northwest Georgia. A cute but late blooming kid. Don't worry, you'll have your time in the sun, and the girls will soon be chasing you.

Jhameel - Shadow of a Man

alex on May 25 2012

Whenever I leave my dog alone in the apartment I tell her to stay in school. I feel like its a nice positive message to leave her with, because lets be honest - she can be anything she wants when she grows up.

Electric Guest - Waves

alex on April 24 2012

Flawless album, go pick up Mondo or you dont like music. Those hand claps were sampled from fucking Zeus himself.

Built To Spill - You Were Right

chris on October 16 2010

Question to myself. Hey Chris, what is your favorite band of all time. Well duh Chris, Built to Spill. What are you stupid? Sheesh Chris, take it easy. Sorry Chris.

Broncho - Im Gonna Find Out Where Shes At

chris on November 20 2014

Have you ever been so busy, you forget to take a leak for 9 hours straight. yeah, me right now.

Bombay Bicycle Club - You Already Know

santa's little helper alex on December 24 2009

holy reindeer pellet poop my arms hurt, i just shoveled snow for 2 hours. me 1 snow 0. happy holidays kiddos.

Hayden James - Embrace

chris on September 24 2013

Comin atcha with another hot Hayden James jam. Why is it that I can never hear Australian or English accents in music. As soon as people sing, they all sound the same. I typed the most racist thing ever and then deleted it and replaced it with this sentence.