Ralph Myerz - Grey Goose

alex on December 11 2008

I'm in the dirty south soon till sunday. peace out shitty ass weather ny, hello shitty ass weather in atlanta! There's a metric shit ton of good rappers on this track I just dont feel like writing a two page long featuring list. I had something funny as fuck to write today but i forgot to write it down when i thought of it, assuming I would just remember, well i didnt. What'd one snow man say to the other? Smells like carrots. LOL!!!

Post Malone - White Iverson

Alex on June 10 2015

Classify Post Malone right next to The Weekend in "bands I would love to sing along to but am too white."

Frank Ocean - Thinking About You (SBTRKT rmx)

alex on April 11 2012

For some reason when I walk around NYC I find solace in the fact that all this concrete and mess of metal will inevitably once again be covered in green... I'm hoping this is accomplished via zombie apocalypse.

Active Child - Never Far Away

chris on April 02 2015

Active Child seems to have gone the way of 90s R&B. Actually, I'd be pretty hard pressed to find a genre in which this guys voice didn't sound spectacular. I was going to say death metal, but I think it would sound mind-blowingly good. I'm stumped.

ceo - Whorehouse

Alex on December 13 2013

Well happy holidays, listeners. Here's one to blast at your holiday parties while you're making bad decisions next to your boss.

Recoilers - Talking About You

chris on July 22 2015

I've been hound doggin' this track for weeks. It proved to be quite elusive, but my internet skills prevailed. Recoilers are an old Canadian band that recently reunited and dropped some amazing work. Kelp Records definitely dropped the ball on promoting these guys.

The Evangelicals - Bloodstream

chris on March 07 2011

This band came out of left field with a wonderfully dreamy vibe. In other other news, why the fuck is alex buying progresso breadcrumbs? Pepperidge Farm for life you amateur!

Sons of The East - Hold On

alexander mejias on February 15 2013

I'll follow chris' lead on the down tempo chilly folky tip. I have nothing of value to say today.. I've spent at least 40 hours working and 10 hours in the gym this week with 1 more day of work and gym to go. Hi my name is Alex and I'm a maniac.

Ryan Hemsworth - Proto

Alex on April 09 2013

I'm wearing my sunglasses all day -- not because the weather is warm and it is sunny but because of all the impossibly pale bare legs that have revealed themselves today in New York City. I swear half of these people are translucent. One might think Winter is coming with all these white walkers out here --- HEYO! I'll show myself out....

Mazarin - Louise

alex on January 07 2008

Chris forgot to mention that you can hang out with us at duck duck on Saturday anytime after 10. Ill give you the run down of what will be there- Booze, Chris, Booze, Alex, Booze, Loud Music, Booze, Dru serving Booze, a good time, and Booze.