AlunaGeorge - Bad Idea

Alex on July 25 2013

AlunaGeorge's new album is spot on - I'm super stoked to hear some of the remixes which will spur from these tracks. Is telling someone they're a car crash waiting to happen the ultimate burn? You're 10 car pile up in icy conditions.

Broken Bells - The HIgh Road

christopher on December 22 2009

Wow. This single is from a duo that consists of Dangermouse and James Mercer of the shins. I think the outcome is stellar, soo... if you have a problem with this track I may punch you in the face.

Phoenix - Fences(The Soft Pack Remix)

alex on October 24 2009

so.. i still get a lot of e mails concerning our little scroll bar.. im not going to get into technical mumbo jumbo(what does that even mean? is that a dish? i'll have the mumbo jumbo with a side of fries please.) about why its fucked. however, i did come to a final conclusion.. think of left as rain as an old cabin house. sure, the doors may not close properly, or when you turn on the sink the power goes out, but even with those little defects that mother fuckin cabin has some character. character that you learn to love. ( i just saw 2000 people a week shake their head in dissapointment and say no alex...)

Grandaddy - AM 180

chris on June 25 2013

I rename this song, flirting with girls on the bus coming home from school circa 1994.

Goodtimes Goodtimes - For All My Kingdom

chris on June 08 2009

I wonder, and I wander.


Alex on January 17 2014

As the native NYCers know the weather recently has been pretty bleak. Endless days of rain and grey walls. Today things are looking up - the sun has graced us with it's presence. However one thing really stood out to me during the rainy days - possibly because my commute has changed and I transfer in midtown now. Mother fucking business men in their long over coats protecting their shitty suits swinging their umbrellas like golf clubs. This is a thing -- people do this on the platform waiting for the train. I cant think of a worse douche bag beacon. Are you really sharpening up your golf driving skills for your next round of 18 on NYC's illustrious golf courses? On the train platform? With a soaking wet umbrella that shoots little dirty water particles everywhere whilst you swing it in all your douche-ly glory? I'll see ya on the green, Tiger.

Wild Child - The Tale of You and Me

alex on March 14 2012

What the fuck is it about songs which have groups of people singing together which absolutely captivates me? That has to be some sort of innate human genetic tribal thing activating inside of us, whatever it is... i like it.


chris on September 18 2014

In my head it's already Friday. It's ON!

Foals - Spanish Sahara

chris on November 28 2011

Long slow buildup. Wait for it...

The Juan Maclean - Accusations

chris on August 15 2012

This is rad. Just a rad ole time.