Gabe Wax - Saddest of Views

Alex on June 05 2013

Gabe Wax submitted his music to LAR November of 2011 (you can find him by searching the site for Carroll), since then I've been an admirer of his work. There's no doubt in my mind Gabe Wax will unveil an LP someday and become a household name. Keep up the good work, brother.

In other news: I was just riding the L train (standing holding the pole because somehow I justify that as "exercise."), I noticed an odd character sitting there holding a magazine to her face. For those of you who commute in NYC on public transportation you're quite familiar with the fact that every train ride you see something pretty weird. Just as I brushed her off as just another odd character on my commute the doors began to close on the train - Odd bird ran full speed into my arm holding the pole and clothes lined the shit out of herself.. she crawled to the door to keep it open. I proceeded to watch the door close on her twice before it dawned on me to help her and hold the doors open. She finally exits the train with, which what some people would consider, the least graceful train dismount since the birth of the MTA. at this point everyone on the train is looking at me like "wtf, bro??" I then proceed to say to myself "What the fuck just happened?" but my music was playing so loud in my ear buds I'm pretty sure it came out as "WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?!" Just another day in Brooklyn...

Soko - Fantastic Planet

chris on March 24 2015

I've got a lot on my plate, so quit giving me a hard time.

Grizzly Bear - Will Calls

Alex on September 23 2013

I'd love to talk shit about Grizzly Bear and this track but I simply cannot find anything wrong with it. In fact, this is one of the best tracks I've heard in quite awhile -- and that's coming from someone who digs through about 100 new tracks a day (whilst browsing reddit and watching animated gifs of cats). Go ahead with your bad self, Grizzly Bear.

Spanish Prisoners - Downtown Chicagoland

chris on February 13 2012

Calling all lips. I need some voluptuous lips for a Rememeber Paper photo story coming up. Hit me up on facebook ladies. Found this track through This Music Doesnt Suck.

Nada Surf - When I was Young

alex on October 25 2011

fucking love Nada Surf. Their latest album is called "The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy" which just reaffirms my ardent zeal.

Pale Young Gentlemen - Up North

chris on December 04 2008

You know, some romantic stuff.

Islands - Outspoken Dirtbiker

Alex on May 17 2016


Soft Black - The Earth Is Black

chris on August 20 2009

Please god let me find an apartment this afternoon. Here is a track from some fellow Brooklynites

One for the Team - Every Little Thing

alex on March 17 2010

avid followers of the site will notice that ive cut down a bit on my use of profanity. is it because im a grown up boy now? fuck no. i just fuckin forgot to cuss. my childs first words will be greek mythology, but shortly after he will learn how to say fuck. is that irresponsible? probably. is that fuckin awesome? yes.

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Twin of Myself

alex on June 25 2009

A.) I love this band's name B.) I love this band C.) i love this album D.) is the fourth letter in the alphabet