The Blisters - Through You

Alex on September 13 2013

The Blisters new album, Finally Bored, has an undeniable Wilco feel to it. Surprisingly enough Spencer Tweedy (son of Jeff Tweedy from Wilco) is their drummer. Gotta hand it to them - the album start to finish is one of the most unified sounds I've heard in awhile. Which leaves me wondering how much help they received in the studio from one of the world's most consistent bands. In my head the Tweedy's are just musical geniuses and Spencer's genetic code is perfect for creating rocky folky hits all day long. Here's to another generation of great music from the Tweedy family.

Peasant - Well Alright

christopher on March 03 2010

About to send out 4 packages. 2 to Stockholm, 1 to Hamburg, and 1 to South Africa. What do you think, maybe i can just ask the post office to cut off my left pointer finger in trade for postage.

Dalton - Breaker

chris on July 30 2012

Just cause Alex said we were at Fire Island, doesnt mean we're gay. nttawwt.

Birdie Hilltop - The Sorrow

chris on January 07 2010

Obviously it's sorrowful, but man It comes across as heartfelt too. Nice rhythm of an acoustic guitar, and the lyrics, that's all I need. Damn, rhythm is hard to spell.

Amy Winehouse and Jay Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulders

alex on September 14 2011

So I'm doing my daily 3pm dog walk, where small children leaving school are running around screaming trying to get away from my rather large pitbull. I return back to my apartment after scaring my quota of 9 year olds for the day and this kid runs in front of me, sprints even, drops his pants to his ankles and starts spraying piss everywhere. This pee arch was fucking impressive, WAY over his head. I had no idea how to respond, I watched in awe, I had so many questions - mainly where the fuck is this kid's mom? Moments later I hear from the distance "MMAATTHHHEEEEWWWW NNNOOOOOOOO!!!" The kid starts crying he cant stop peeing meanwhile I can only stare like a bystander to a train wreck. All in all A+ experience, would watch again.

Holy Ghost! - On Board (Friendly Fires Cover)

alex on March 10 2010

A great band covering another great band's song, what could go wrong? they probably said that about the hindenburg too though.... because in that case, what went wrong was a flaming horrific gorey crash. so next time you say what could go wrong, just remember exactly what could go wrong - death by fire.

Jonathan Boulet - Dread Is This Place

alex on October 03 2012

A very old bearded Asian man (possibly Mr. Miyagi) Just came up to Athena (my pitbull) and me - pointed to her and goes "very strong!!" To which I replied "Don't be fooled - she's a wuss." Then a silence ensued while we made eye contact, aboout 4 seconds had passed when suddenly Mr. Miyagi burst out in the some of the hardest laughter I'd ever seen. So -to get to the point, I have a new best friend.

Heartsrevolution - (something in a language i cant read)

alex on May 26 2009

so yeah, awesome long weekend, im still recovering. kitsune maison 7 is released. go buy it, support these mixes. if you dont, youre a jerk. youre not a jerk are you?

Wishbone - School of Fish

Alex on October 16 2014

This style of music always resonates well with me. When I listen to tracks like this I could picture myself literally doing anything while playing this song. Walking? Sure. Cooking? Yep. Getting into a street brawl with 3 members from The Crypts? Yea alright. Wrestle a panda bear in a luchador outfit? Always. I'm happy to fit in Wishbone right next to my other "can do anything while playing" artists such as Dr. Dog and Meligrove Band.

Check out Wishbone's split album with Follies on Bandcamp.

Jeremy Jay - Airwalker

chris on March 31 2009

Read the post before. Hahaha, i was actually fucking with alex in his sleep. I cranked up the heat and was making bird noises in his ear. kaw kaw!