Frank Ocean - Thinking About You (SBTRKT rmx)

alex on April 11 2012

For some reason when I walk around NYC I find solace in the fact that all this concrete and mess of metal will inevitably once again be covered in green... I'm hoping this is accomplished via zombie apocalypse.

Todd Terje - Preben Goes To Alcapulco (Prins Thomas Remix)

chris on February 03 2015

And here's the next addition to my next movie soundtrack. It's most like from the scene where I'm spying on an Italian bombshell undercover agent named Rossella, onlooking through the palm fronds on the Riviera. This seductress thinks she has my number, but oh no, I have hers. Also, go check out the rest of this guys album art. It's heavily influenced by illustrations of the 50s, and therefor amazing.

Okkervil River - Lost Coastlines

chris on November 03 2008

Why is it there are certain places on this great planet that just ooze musical talent. Must be something in the water. Austin is one of those hubs that consistently produce great tunes. I love this album art too, super great.

Buildings Breeding - Arms And Elbows

chris on May 08 2009

Day off, cruising around on the Moped... then breaking down... the running again... then breaking down... you get it, but fuck is it nice out. DJ set tomorrow at Duck Duck, roll through.

PAPA - Ain't it So

chris on July 02 2014

I've come to hate brunch. The name brunch even gets under my skin. If you ask me to eat brunch at 3 in the afternoon, I might spit on you.

Polica - Wandering Star

chris on October 02 2013

I hate when Alex gives me an album and tells me it's good. It pretty much means he is staking claim on it, and I can't post a track from it. It's the music version of shotgun.

Saint Motel - You Do It Well

Alex on April 24 2013

Caught this gem last night whilst (yea I said it) watching Hemlock Grove. Then proceeded to go into a meltdown for an hour trying to figure out what the fucking song/band was. Shazam - total garbage. Lyric search - just a shit show. Yahoo Answers - surprising helpful (there's a first for everything). Luckily my long time friend and music confidant Matt P found the Yahoo answer -- otherwise I wasn't sleeping until I figured it out.

She and Him - Thieves

chris on February 25 2010

Thanks for posting my song you punk, stole it right out from under me knickers. New York is a shloppy mess right now.

Toro y Moi - Leave Everywhere

alex on May 24 2010

Adios LOST, it was a good run.

Bedroom - Nostalgic Feel

chris on January 30 2013

I would say 99.973 percent of music is utter shit. This is part of that .027 percent that makes me want to Carlton dance with joy. Thanks for the recommend MXSXK, our friend from Brazil.