Digitalism - Blitz

alex on June 06 2011

digitalism returns with an album full of electro bangers, what more could you ask for. well, I for one, could ask for some ice cream with gummy stuff on top(maybe worms perhaps? bears will do also.), but not like IN the ice cream cause then gummy shit freezes and it becomes mini boulders of teeth destruction. Unfortunately these are the things that plague my mind on a daily basis.

Arcade Fire - Ready to Start

alex on July 23 2010


Zoo Brother - Fourth of July

chris on January 16 2014

The word of the day kiddos is Phlegm. I'll give you a nickle if you knew how to spell that. I chose the word because i have tons of it right now.

The Go Team - Milk Crisis

alex on August 06 2010

Here's a go team single from 2008 that slipped between the cracks. so crank up those speakers, do some light stretching, and unzip your pants- shit.. i mean... tighten.. your shoe laces.. for dancing. FUNNY AWKWARD HUMOR FRIDAY!!

Ghostly Kisses - Never Know

Alex on January 20 2016

something something cold weather something something

Radar Bros - Lake Life

chris on June 15 2009

This is the type of track that makes me want to be walking alone. My mind wanders as well.

Operahouse - Criminals

chris on November 05 2009

Some things just feel right. Go with it; throw caution to the wind. take a chance.

Dr. Dog - The World May Never Know

chris on November 30 2009

I think I am still delirious from the worst traffic that I ever sat through in my enitre life. Luckily I had Jesus with me, and by Jesus I mean a Jesus puppet that was bought at J and R on the side of the highway. Still counts right?

Milton Nascimento and Lo Borges - Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser

alex on March 29 2012

Off the latest Late Night Tales series mixed by Belle and Sebastian. This track is hot... I mean picante.. I mean caliente.

Darkside - Paper Trails

chris on October 30 2013

There is so much music that comes into the world everyday that I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed. I mean, I reached my maximum of peoples names that I can remember about 8 years ago. So... I'm pretty much fucked. I need an intern just for reminding me of songs I like. A braintern. Sorry brainterns, I can't offer college credit. Or money.