Vampire Weekend - Horchata

alex on October 06 2009

oh hey vampire weekend, welcome back. im curious as to what kind of beverage horchata is, im affraid to look it up because it might ruin this vision i have in my head of something beyond amazing.

Metric - Twilight Galaxy (Death To The Throne rmx)

alex on October 14 2011

fuckin friday.

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - Stick Figures in Love

chris on September 21 2011

mother. fucking. stephen malkmus.

James Blake - I only know what I know now

chris on April 19 2011

This is off the Klavierwerke EP. Sorry about the site being down earlier, it happens.

MØ - Pilgrim

chris on October 24 2012

New babe on the radar. Babe-ar. Oh and thanks for the name which I have no clue how to pronounce, and will probably make an ass out of me once this is popular.

Sales - Getting It On

Alex on October 07 2014

Apparently Orlando has a music scene? Between Sales and xXpriestXx I'm really starting to vibe with this Post Mickey Synth Wilderness Lodge Mod Pop music genre.

Class Actress - Weekend

chris on September 14 2011

Breathie girls. Can't get enough.

Generationals - Black Lemons

chris on September 24 2014

Want to hear something you young folks wont understand?... MOM! GET OFF THE PHONE!

Late of the Pier - Random Firl

alex on February 06 2009

Motha Fucking duck duck tomorrow! you better be ready to have a horrifying hangover on Sunday cause were going hard all night. duck duck is located off the Montrose Ave L train stop, the corner of Montrose Ave and Graham Ave Brooklyn NY. Rock.

Hoop Dreams - XCPR

chris on February 22 2013

I just watched what I thought was a old senile woman slowly walk past the window with an old gross doughnut in her hand. Two minutes later she slowly walked past in the other direction with a beautiful potted tulip. Best negotiator ever.