Mating Ritual - Moonlight

Alex on October 09 2015

I don't understand bands like this. You have your song on Soundcloud, it sounds great, I want to buy it to support you. You give me no info about buying it, you're not accessible anywhere to purchase your music -- nothing relevant on Bandcamp or iTunes store. So I have to resort to ripping your mp3 off Soundcloud - why do this? I want to give you my money Mating Ritual, please let me.

Best Youth - Mouth

Alex on October 02 2015

Awwwww yesssssss this is exactly what I'm talking about right here - heavy synth, breathy female vocals, and epic drums... what could possibly go wrong? I spend a lot (too much) of my time on Soundcloud these days and some of the bands I discover just blow my mind. Best Youth out of Portugal is definitely one of them, hit them up on Soundcloud if you don't believe me -- and never call me a liar again.

Ramona Lisa - Dominic

Alex on September 30 2015

Just in case you've been wondering what our favorite siren, Caroline Polachek, is up to here it is. Stellar execution from the celestial brains of Chairlift.

Astronauts Etc (feat Toro Y Moi) - Rocket Man

chris on September 30 2015

I was listening to this track during the Super Blood Moon eclipse the other night. I slipped into a coma and just woke up.

Ratatat - Cream on Chrome

chris on September 26 2015

Here we go, another Friday night. I GUESS I'll go out and be social even though I feel like a slug crawling across the Bonneville Salt Flats. This track is the only thing keeping me from dying a shrively death at the moment. You're probably like, "Slugs can be such bummer."

Bats For Lashes - The Haunted Man

Alex on September 24 2015

I have one request, one simple request. When my time is up and my family and friends attend my funeral - I want no speeches but I do want a giant speaker system. And what will play from that speaker system you ask? One simple sound -- the Pacman death noise.

Albert Ryan - Man

chris on September 18 2015

This song reminds me of Peter, Bjorn and John's track Young Folks from 2006, but much more chill. HOLY SHIT, HOLD THE PHONE! That song came out almost ten years ago. There's a 4th grader that is younger than Young Folks. I need to sit by myself in a dark room and think about what I've been doing with my life.

Craft Spells - Our Park By Night

chris on September 18 2015

I've really only got seven words to say about this piece of music. This track is the mother fucking truth.

Neon Indian - C'est la vie (Say the Casualties!)

Alex on September 16 2015

I'm pretty sure my fiance's going to call off the wedding because I listen to this new Neon Indian album so loud. Sometimes you just gotta kick it up to 11.

Oslo Parks - The Night

Alex on September 09 2015

We can file this under groovy as fuck.